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From Blind Gossip:

This famous unmarried couple has asked a famous married couple with whom they are friendly for a very interesting referral. Given the woman’s medical condition, you would think that they would be asking for a referral to a doctor. You would be wrong. They were actually asking for a referral for a special effects expert! It seems that they want to buy one or more prosthetic devices to make the first female either look pregnant… or to look more pregnant than she is. So, that leaves us with several possibilities: The first couple was never pregnant but they are looking to fake it; or they are pregnant and are looking to make the bump look bigger; or they were pregnant but aren’t any more and are looking to stall the announcement of a miscarriage. Whichever the case, they are clearly looking to fake or exaggerate a condition to gain public support. Given how the first female’s penchant for attention, no one should be surprised about this.
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