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So do you think that suspected crimes shouldn't be investigated, in case the person accused gets distressed?

If someone reports a crime, it needs to be investigated. If someone like DLT (for example) has done nothing wrong, he'll be able to defend himself. He's always come across as having a strong personality.

I said way back on this thread (or one of the earlier ones), that false accusations are horrible and can ruin lives. But what about genuine accusations? If someone has committed a crime, shouldn't they be brought to justice?
In a responsible way, yes, of course they should. Not in this sensation-driven, drip drip drip of innuendo and sly and damaging suggestion that the media seems bent on. No one deserves to be associated with child abuse if that's not the crime they're being investigated for. The way it is, all those arrested/questioned to date seem to be tarred with the Savile brush and it's wrong and beyond irresponsible and the media should be ashamed of itself.
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