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That's rather over the top. Of course this is all speculation...but just suppose that this offer is correct - and I have no doubt at all that she has been made extremely lucrative offers considering how over exposed she is - then what she is quoted to have said about not "selling" out and never putting her name to another brand and how "shameful" it is to do such a thing is imo just as salient a point for discussion as any other on a showbiz forum. I don't see the need for childish retorts about others trying to make themselves feel better.
The fact is, if she has/is considering it, it makes her a hypocrite, that would be quite a statement to make yet backtrack on at the whiff of making yet more money.
And for the record, I don't dislike the woman but don't like her either, nor the constant airplay she gets which is easy to avoid at home but unfortunately not elsewhere. I think she's overhyped and overplayed but appreciate other's don't.

I would have thought like her or not clearly it would be hypocritical of her, no matter how it's justified by others.
This ^^ - especially the BiB's.

Some people don't think she's a good singer and that she might be being a mite hypocritical if she takes up this offer so perhaps people could be allowed to say so instead of FM's taking personal swipes?
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