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To be fair all humans are guilty of hypocrisy at some stage in their lives - whether in word or deed. And it would be really futile to try and argue otherwise. And this without the carrot of TEN MILLION DOLLARS. People's views change (certainly becoming a parent tends to make you very much re-evaluate many of your previoulsy held beliefs and actions). The difference between you and Adele is millions more people know about the beliefs she has had before and so there is no real hiding place
Plus, since she's only at the the 'tempted' stage as far as we know, who's to say that she herself is not keenly aware of her previous stance about endorsements and is having to reassess her thinking on this. Like any sensible, rational person would when presented with a $10m endorsement opportunity.

Adele seems like someone who'd put her hands up and acknowledge her previous comments, not that she has any obligation to justify the business decision she takes.
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