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So do you think that suspected crimes shouldn't be investigated, in case the person accused gets distressed?

If someone reports a crime, it needs to be investigated. If someone like DLT (for example) has done nothing wrong, he'll be able to defend himself. He's always come across as having a strong personality.

I said way back on this thread (or one of the earlier ones), that false accusations are horrible and can ruin lives. But what about genuine accusations? If someone has committed a crime, shouldn't they be brought to justice?
You've read this thread and are fully aware that being arrested must mean 'the police must have good reason', that no charges, charges being dropped or being not guilty means nothing to many contributors.

Acting like trolls some contributors will continue to make claims which are damaging, because that's what trolls do for fun.

One only has to look at various contributions over the past few days by some people with a 'nudge, nudge wink, wink' assertion as if they know who is to be arrested and why.

As for DLT, he was originally arrested under Operation Yewtree as 'others' on 'suspicion of sexual offences' with no more details.

For the media and therefore the public, Jimmy Savile and Operation Yewtree was mainly to do with sexual abuse of children.

If was left to DLT to make public the nature of the arrest and that it bwas unrelated to any child abuse.

If he hadn't said anything the trolls would have had a field day and the anti semetic homophobic websites that are often linked to in this thread would have been creating facts to create dots that have no connection.

On the one hand you say claims of sexual abuse can ruin lifes, then brush that off by saying DLT can defend himself. Even if it all goes away and leads to nothing, because of who he is his Wiki page will no doubt always refer to his arrest under the infamous Operation Yewtree.

Here's Chris Tarraint DJ exposing the breast of Sophie Countess of Wessex, from the look of things he may have done it before to to others.

Would the NSPCC and the police class that as inappropiate and sexual abuse? And under current thinking would the CPS 'build a case' to bring a charge even though Sophie may wish to forget the incident and not be a witness?
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