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Why are some people regularly linking to websites that are full of lies and factually incorrect?

Here's a gem from the latest link connected to Elm Guest House...

(Further, in 1981, Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens gave the Home Secretary Leon Brittan a dossier about Elm House. It disappeared, and Brittan’s alleged attendance at the guest house abruptly ceased.)
Did Dickens ever say he produced a dossier about Elm Guest House, maybe Dickens contacted the author of that blog from beyond the grave.

But it gets worse for this so called investigative blogger, the reason Dickens never gave Leon Brittan a dossier about Elm Guest House in 1981 is because...Leon Brittan was not home secretary. You plonker Rodney.

That blog claims to provide facts but is full of errors.

The author of the blog is not a paedophile, so why am I linking to this picture?
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