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I hate the way the Beckhams use their kids to promote 'brand Beckham', David and Victoria had normal childhoods out of the public eye, their kids can't even go to a swing park and play without beeing either gawped and pointed at or photographed , if I were famous I'd want to protect my kids from such intrusion. Can you imagine poor Romeo Beckham out on a first date at a local bowling alley or something with folk tweeting photos of him on their camera phones! If Johnny Depp's kids walked past you in the street you wouldn't even notice them, celebs can give their kids a normal childhood if they want to, the parents choose to be famous, it's wrong when they shove their kids into the media spotlight.
I've mentioned on here before, my friend was in a taverna in Greece and someone told her Johnny Depp was in there. She looked and he was there with Vanessa, the kids and an older woman (who she was told was Vanessas mum). She said that, if you didn't know, you;d have thought they were just a normal family on holiday - only more beautiful! they were just going about their business with no entourage, no drama, no 'look at us'. because of that. No one troubled them.
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