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I don't think anyone who goes to the Grammy's wearing a dress that wouldn't look amiss on a DFS sofa need worry about growing a thicker skin.

Sadly - I am one of those who is quite envious of her money. Sorry - but all of that 'money doesn't buy you everything' malarky is just rubbish.
It really isn't though. Just ask quite a few lottery winners who their wins have brought nothing but unhappiness to.

Her little boy will possibly grow up with bodyguards surrounding him and if she relocates to the US, kidnap is always a possibility. Perhaps that's what's worrying her and why she's kept him out of the public eye.

When that kind of money becomes a worry and not a pleasure to use it buy anything you want, and it definitely doesn't buy you peace of mind. No, I don't envy her money, I wouldn't want the worry it brings with it.
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