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When people are assessed for benefits, the income of live in partners counts, and it should in these circumstances too.

Big fat lolz at the notion that letting yourself run up huge debts to the country whilst trying to match the life-style of your richer partner without the relevant income, then opting for bankruptcy is what an independent woman does.

If they live together in a big house, with children together, then they should be sharing the bills too. If they wanted to keep their financial situations separate, they should have opted to live within the means of the least wealthy one of them.

Does anyone honestly think she'll be living frugally for the next few years?

I have sympathy for people who find themselves, through no fault of their own, in financial difficulty, and that includes people who make some stupid decisions. However, I am fed-up with rich people letting the bills stack up, then opting for bankruptcy. It's not as if they don't get warnings.

I know there are a few cases where there have been bad investments and things got out of hand, and there are people like Neil Morrissey who have pledged to work hard to pay back what he owes, and I have massive respect for that approach. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be the case here.

The sad thing is that I like(d) both of these people, and would have rated them amongst some of the more sound showbiz people. It's a fairly big blow to their reputations, one probably worth more than 120,000.
I know, I find it bewildering. I know it is the systems fault that this is allowed to happen but is madness. Are we to believe that during the time she ran up this huge tax bill she wasn't paying towards the house, children etc. I know that could be the case but seems unlikely.
And like you say she's hardly going to be living frugally now, all this independent woman stuff is shi**. If that were the case she'll be paying Martin rent now
I never knew much about her but have gone off them both now. I know legally it's not his debt and all that but it doesn't seem very fair, I'd put the situation on a par with Jimmy Carr and his tax avoidance
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