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I don't get the hype over Adele, she has a good voice yeah I get that but all these awards she is winning for her drab boring repetitive songs?? and she has only released two albums.
Yet she just became huge in the US so quickly, I think the US market is fickle though they love you then drop you just as quick.
Look at Ricky Gervais all these UK celebs get a lot of attention and their careers get huge for a while then they come back to earth with a bang and come back to the UK shores and it all reverses for them.

Her next album will never live up to the last one, her career as the big fat UK gobby one who sang like Amy Winehouse will be short lived. Also winning an Oscar for that crappy Bond song was unbelievable. I reckon she has done/won too much too soon, it's too much to live up to.

Also Amy dying helped her career which is sad, Amy Winehouse had a better voice and her albums were not bland and suicide inducing.

BIB - I completely agree with that, there is no doubt in my mind that Adele has gained popularity because of it.
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