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Betty Britain
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KP made it our business by trashing ordinary (as in non famous) women like myself & others on here for daring dress & groom ourselves for the working day before dropping our children off at school of a morning .Add to that her column in a newspaper sniping at VB's child-care arrangements and THAT invites comments from the people she is addressing (Joe & Josey Public) on her own child-care arrangements.She can't expect to pontificate on subjects publicly ,or 'out' a woman more famous than her on child-care & not be dissected on public forums regarding her own child-care. It may be speculation,but then her imagining she knows the whys & wherefores of every woman at the school gates re child-care/lifestyle is her speculating,so fair do's that she gets it back at her.
When did she trash you? Ha ha ha..
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