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OMG can you imagine her doing the interviews?!
Yes, and not in a good way.
I think Brian would've been in with a shout regardless, having had some prior presenting experience and being a hugely popular ex-HM at the time. I don't think the idea the spot would've gone to whoever won UBB holds much water.
Oh definitely. He's not Jeremy Paxman, but he has done a lot of tv work. He seemed nervous at first, but actually I think he's been pretty good. Ch 5 obviously wanted light-hearted exit interviews, and I agree with them. He can do that. No presenter on earth could have made much of, for example, Becky's nervous babble last year.
Anyone for Vaness Feltz or John McCririck as host as they were also TV presenters and UBB contestants?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! *emigrates to North Korea*
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