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I know these posts are a while ago now, but are you people really being serious? Nikki has been in the public eye for ages now. All her presenting she's done I think was with BBLB. She wasn't very good. That was recorded too. If she had any talent for presenting surely she'd be doing it, same with Makosi.

Live TV is a really hard and technical business, throw in a baying crowd and pressure of Producers screaming down their ears. Do you really think Channel5 and Endemol would entrust their flagship show with someone who'd never done it properly before. Nikki, Josie, Makosi, you really are inviting the next xezi Ifore (sp), to present a prime-time show.
You do realise I was joking? (well about the "I wish they won because they'd be flawless presenters bit", but they're still 2 of the best HM's ever)
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