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I did say in my mind, and I'm sticking with it - bollox or not

And in those months leading up to her death, Amy was a complete mess. Getting booed off stage for being hammered etc. It's little wonder that 21 took off - Amy was too wrecked to show any competition at that time.

Seen some bizarre reasons for Adele's incredible success over the last couple of years (one I read even suggested it was the worldwide recession FFS!) but Amy dying is a new one even to me. Seriously, isn't it about time some of you just accepted that, whilst you don't rate her at all, many millions clearly do. '21' had already sold approx 8 million copies worldwide in the 5 months from release up to Amy's passing but if it makes you feel better keep thinking of these reasons for Adele's success that DON'T involve the fact she is immensely talented.

Brilliant as she was, Amy was never anywhere near as big a seller as Adele has proved to be - singles or albums.
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