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One link claims she didn't ...others claim she did.. And if I knew how to link I'd put them on..
I'm nt in a court of law.. There is no burden of proof required..
The link is in the long white box at the top of the computer screen. You said on here that your son built your computer so maybe he could guide you.

There IS a burden of proof when you state something as a fact. As you did by saying
And Vicky has said plenty in the past.

She called Katie a dog.. Infact she sang t to her infront of all the players wives.. How nice

In fact I've never even seen KP make the claim you credit her with ,that "VB called her a dog".
KP alleges she sang at her. Others there claim it to be untrue & so does VB. No-one else there has ever backed KP's claim that it was VB.
So that clears that up.
But I'm intrigued to know what else VB has said to or about KP in the past.
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