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VB has not said a word about KP, though, and I haven't actually seen or read many people publicly comment on KP's parenting styles or skills. KP seems to have taken the spot for bashing other women in public, let's see who she will talk about next, and why.

Also, VB is not obligated to tell anyone how much hired help she does or doesn't have. She clearly pays for the help herself (or her husband does), so it is actually no one elses business. I haven't seen VB claim to be super mom, but she does spend a lot of time with the kids, and it does show.
VB gave a published interview, KP gave her published opinion on that interview, (level playing field)just as many people on here give their opinions on KP mothering skills/nannies without any knowledge what so ever of how she runs her day to day life regarding the kids, and yes I agree, it really is no one elses business and neither of these women should be judged or obligated to tell anyone about the staff they pay for, but if your going to condemn KP for her opinion, then your going to have to condemn all the assumed based posts on here that state as fact to know all about KP childcare.
Just out of do you know how much time VB spends with her kids
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