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Well maybe try and be a little less selective with your reading and read things that don't paint KP as the wronged party all of the time. There is enough information out there backing up the fact VB didn't call KP a dog so maybe take your own advice and use google.

I'm sure we all remember when KP alluded to the fact something had happened between her and David, just to p*ss VB off. She dragged it on for months, years even and then it turned out to be absolutely nothing.

It appears to me that SHE is the one who has a problem with VB rather than the other way round. VB be would her as so irrelevant, that I doubt she ever even passes through her thoughts.
I can understand being a fan of someone and wanting to defend them but this blind defence of KP when she's plainly in the wrong is just wierd. If her supporters were a bit more willing to acknowledge when she's out of order then maybe the reaction to KP on here wouldn't be quite so harsh.
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