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The difference is, that no one cares for the posters opinions here. KP uses her column in a very public magazine to slant other women. First it was KB for looking too fat, in fact like a cow. Now she is slanting VB parenting.

There are multiple reports how well mannered VB children are, and many many reports on how she actually does spend lot of time with her children.
Whether anyone cares or not its still wrong to put out assumptions as fact, in a, as you stated yourself in a previous post, "no one knows" situation.
VB family life is well documented, they always appear as the perfect, happy catalogue family, and I really hope they are, but unless you know them, how can you tell that from publicity shots and press releases ?
Regarding KP column what do you expect from the woman who was once described as the most hated woman in the country, KP makes no secret of who and what she is, and I dare say she will love the title queen bitch, for KP, its all about keeping up there, and no one can deny after all these years thats exactly what shes done, secured in that position by both here fans and haters
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