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Using a published magazine to slate other women is FAR worse, than posting comments on a forum, where no one really cares what we think about the celebs.

KP proves to be petty, jealous and vindictive, nothing less, nothing more. KP tries to put herself up on some magical pedestal using her column to call out other women on things she has no business talking about. What position has she exactly secured? Being the most insecure z-lister out there? While the ladies she slants couldn't care less, and continue their successful lives, KP seems to be looking for other ladies to hate on.
A fabrication/lie/false assumption is wrong no matter where its written or by whom, the position she has secured, while most models of her time have long since faded is that, people who both love and hate her still want to read and discuss her, even after everything shes done and said its just amazing
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