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That wasn't even the point being made.

The point was would Brian have been made host had he not won UBB. I think he might still have been made host anyway, but him winning UBB made him even more likely.
Well, given that the OP said that Brian only got the job because he won BB, followed by the OP saying that, if Josie had won she'd be hosting BB, I think it was reasonable to assume that that was the point being made (even if it wasn't). In any case, I was addressing a belief that has been expressed on here before, and, ironically, in this thread:

I myself believe that WHOEVER won UBB would have been the next presenter. So Nikki was very close to taking it. The end of UBB, Brian sort of interviewed Davina in the last few minutes and I automatically thought, "If there is another series, I am positive he will present it". Imagine Nikki interviewing housemates
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