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I thought it was a tax bill, do you know more about this?

How did she run up a tax bill by matching a lifestyle?
It is about tax. Tax she owes to the country.

How else do you think she ended up with an unpaid tax bill? If she was living within her means, she'd not have run out of money.

I'm of the view that if you share a life with someone, including a home and children, then you share your expenses according to means. However, if you insist on paying your own way, you have to make sure that you do actually pay your own way, and that includes taxes.

You can't give someone credit for not sponging off of their rich partner, but think it's OK that they don't pay their tax bills on time. Trying to claim it's some kind of feminism is a farce, but I realise people on DS often have strange views on what feminism is, so nothing new there.

She's been working, and raising children, so it's not as if she's been lazy while he's been toiling away, so I don't see why there would be anything wrong with them sharing the bills anyway.
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