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I took my kids to see it in 3D today. They loved it.

I did not.

Visually stunning but way too slow to get going. Didn't like James Franco. He remained dislikeable throughout. And despite some amazing effects, as usual, the 3D seemed to just suck too much color out of the screen.

Was on my "one to watch in 2013" list, but was left very underwhelmed.

One thing I kept thinking though. Considering when The Wizard of Oz was made, the special effects in that film in many ways were far superior to some that I saw today. And I can't ever see myself wanting to watch The Great and Powerful again, but TWOO will remain a timeless classic. Such a shame that its prequel didn't do it the justice it deserved. And if Disney couldn't do it properly because of the legal issues, than they should have just left it alone.
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