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Our Sunday DVD Presentation was Hear My Song (Ned Beatty, Adrian Dunbar 1991 Film Four), a superb low-budget film about a down-at-heel club that just clings on by booking cheap, crummy acts. Spoiler warning When manager Mickey O' Neill (Dunbar) looks like losing his girl, he decides to impress her by booking the legendary tax-dodger Josef Locke and hopes to save his club into the bargain. What he ends up with is not what he imagined, and the search begins...

We've watched this film a couple of times since it was first shown on TV and it gets better with every viewing. The characters are great and the almost magical atmosphere conjured up in some scenes is incredible. *Spoiler alert again* Locke's triumphant performance is the climax, and I admit to getting very touched by 'Count your Blessings', delivered in that wonderful tenor voice (supplied by Vernon Midgeley).
What a film!
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