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The Beat and The Selecter seem to have been forgotten about as when early 80s Ska gets mentioned it's always Madness and The Specials as though there was nothing else.

The Beat and The Selecter were great. They had a faster more 'punkier' feel, even though The Beat were a bit more 'poppy', if that can be a word.
The Beat especially were very big at the time and possibly had as many or more hit singles than The Specials.

People tend to mainly remember the hit singles of all these groups. Because they were groups then, not bands.
But many of the album tracks by all these acts were very interesting.
Stand Down Margaret by The Beat and Man at C&A by The Specials are two album tracks which spring to mind from the top of my head.
Two of The Beat or The English Beat turned into Fine Young Cannibals, who were a pretty mean outfit as well.

Three other favs by The Beat

Mirror in The Bathroom

Tears of a Clown

Save it for Later ( Not strictly ska the last one)

The Beat did receive a little criticism for having a lot of songs at the same pace.

As for The Selecter (got a hello from Pauline Black once)

On My Radio

Missing Words

Great musical heritage in the British Isles.....
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