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Also with the promo thing, she was highly visible, you can't argue with that, but not all publicity is good publicity. Never before have I seen the media willing a singer to fail so much (except maybe with Alexandra Burke), so seemingly she couldn't win. The whole project was doomed to fail before it even started, regardless of the quality of the album.
I'm sorry but the publicity was courted, she went on the X-Factor to put herself in the public eye and launch her 'career'. The fact she appariently came across as an stroppy idiot is her fault. And really if you cant win over people who watch the X Factor (the lowest level of music buyers who will happily lap up any autotuned, karokee crap) then you have no place in music at any level.
As for the media wanting her to fail? I doubt it as while she was popular she is an easy headline for them.
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