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At least Phil had the decency to keep to his promise though didn't he? Winstone is just full of wind. I'm sure if Bob Hoskins hadn't retired when he did - Winstone wouldn't have been offered half the roles he has been.
Bloody hell i have posted this many times Phil Collins never said he was leaving the UK

Google it!

Here is adirect quote from Phill

"Same goes for the idea that I'm a Tory rocker who threatened to leave the country in 1997 if Labour got in and raised my taxes. It's all garbage. I've only voted once in my life. In the late Sixties I voted Tory, only because my dad had been a lifelong Conservative. Nobody ever asked me if I was Tory or Labour. The truth is that I don't believe in any of them.

'As for my threat to leave the country, I moved to Switzerland because I'd fallen in love with a woman who lived on Lake Geneva. As I said at the time, I'd have moved to Grimsby if she happened to live there. Inevitably everyone in Grimsby turned around and said, "Why's he having a pop at Grimsby?" If you're Phil Collins it seems you just can't win.'"
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