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What i want from BOND 24


When a controversial British politician is assassinated and all evidence points to Bonds involvement, James must track down his impostor.

From Iceland through Norway and ending in a dramatic chase of Cat and Mouse through Paris Bond uncovers a terrifying plot by French villainess Szabina (Audrey Tautou) to frame him, infiltrate the British government and declare war on the East.

Also starring Jennifer Lawrence as Norwegen governess Ana
Wasn't Bond 24 Quantum of Solace ..... assuming that you include {Never Say Never 1982, Casino Royale 1967} in the list ?

But, perhaps the plot of the film should centre around a controversial British Politician, with an obsession towards Flat Earth Climate Change Beliefs. who in 2003, exceeds the speed limit, decides to break the law by switching points with his wife, with his party being saved from itself by ignoring his calamitous attempt to become Leader.

James Bond succeeds in bringing the perpetrator to justice, where the politician is finally brought to justice, with the quack politician spending the remainder of his natural life in prison, and earns the respect of an old jailbird when he becomes his cross-dressing be-atch and a star of the stage when she portrays "Priscilla" in "Priscilla of the Desert"
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