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It's a very good and clever poster. I like how you've combined the three photos to fit into Daniel's silhouette. It's professional looking.

Now if I were a movie critic, I would perhaps take issue with the casting selection of Audrey and Jennifer. I think both are too young really and too fluffy. Audrey especially. She just wouldn't be able to pull off a psycho mad woman intent on triggering a war with the east. It would need to be someone older.. someone with a huge grudge.. someone who has been mistreated somehow in life. Someone with years of anger in her heart. Perhaps even a former member of the intelligence community. And we've been there too recently with Skyfall... so I don't think it would really work.

I like the idea of a Paris setting however.

It's a shame Bond can't go up against Russia.. a female Russian villain would work well. As would scenes filmed in Moscow. Perhaps the film could even mirror real life events that happened with the radioactive poisoning in London. But I suspect we wouldn't want to annoy Russia with a story line so close to real life.
I know Batman is more fantasy than Bond but Marion Cotillard played the part of a put out baddie with a grudge in the last one.
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