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From Blind Gossip:

Lucky Was There

Some of you wanted to know if lucky guy knows about the upcoming surprise. While he was certainly present the night the surprise originated, he has no idea that it is coming. As far as he knows, everything is fine in their relationship and they are happy together. So, as of today, he does not know what is going to happen in a few weeks. You will know about it before he does. And it is safe to say things will never be the same once the surprise is revealed.

From CDAN:

This C list celebrity who is the offspring of an A list actor/actress couple used to be considered the goody goody of the family. Not anymore. Whether it is being found passed out on the bathroom floor of a bar after drinking too much and f***ing a random stranger in that same room earlier, or her massive spending on drugs which her mom enables by transferring thousands of dollars to her every month, this offspring needs rehab. The thing is, mom and dad are wrapped up in their own worlds. They need to wake up because their daughter is going to die.
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