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Maybe not a pregnancy. Maybe a sex tape? Maybe an extreme one? That would be a surprise, an unpleasant one, something the public would know about before him if it were leaked? The BI suggests he's happy with her, and unsuspecting that anything may be wrong. She, on the other hand, may have other plans and this could be her way of getting fame or, I don't know, paying him back for something he did? Being 'tied to her forever' could be a clue - maybe it's a bondage tape?

Also, the fact it says he was there when the surprise originated, that's an odd way to describe it, could be hinting at a threesome, or a foursome...fivesome... which was filmed...

Ah I don't know, just thinking out loud.
I was just coming here to say that i think it could be something like a sex tape. Or something more sinister. It says that he would find it more shocking than charming, and we'd think the same. Why would we find a pregnancy shocking?
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