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From Blind gossip - Some of you will wonder if this was an accident. You know, just an unlucky, innocent mistake.

The answer is an emphatic “Hell, no!”

She has been planning this whole thing for months! Pretty, sweet, and trustworthy on the outside. Ugly, nasty, and double-dealing on the inside. She looks like an angel, but she is the devil incarnate. Lucky Guy totally got played. She spent time earning his trust, he relaxed his guard, and now he will pay the price.

By the way, she will never, ever acknowledge that she had any part in this! She will pretend that she is as surprised – nay, shocked! – as he is. It will all be a lie, of course, but he just might just fall for it. Besides, lying about her part in this is the only way that she can come out of it looking innocent. She wants to avoid the backlash of negative publicity that would result if anyone knew she was actually the architect of the plan.

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Sounds like hooking him up with another man and recording it (or something like that).
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