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Did anyone actually expect this album to do so badly though? I thought top 10, Gold was at least intact. This has still sold less than 50k, which is DREADFUL. Her solo career is beyond saving and I don't see an N-Dubz reunion working out anymore because Dappy & Tulisa are just unlikeable now and have developed bad reputations and whilst they had a brilliant selling debut (500k+), and their follow up's didn't do as well with the latter selling a 5th of their debut's sales.

She would be an IDIOT if she quits the X Factor!!!

The Intro is the single most horrific opening track to an album in years. The only redeeming thing is that when Young starts, it does sound quite cool and momentous, but damn...
This always manages to cheer me up!!! surely she can't take this intro seriously.
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