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The Intro is the single most horrific opening track to an album in years. The only redeeming thing is that when Young starts, it does sound quite cool and momentous, but damn...
Oh God, that is absolutely hilarious in the most cringy way.

I highly doubt that this album was ever going to be any good (it's Tulisa after all!) but it's got 16 tracks! That would've been considered a mammoth album in years gone by. So many mainstream pop albums now just load the album up with filler tracks to the extent where an album of 10-12 songs is considered short. 45 minutes of good songs is surely better than breaking the hour mark just for the sake of it. I don't think the album would have gone down as badly if they took 6-8 of the strongest tracks, chucked in a few covers, lost the hideous intro and just put out a 50 minute record. Though it would likely still have been pretty damn bad.
Rant over.
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