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Can anyone please help with a vampire movie I been trying to remember for years. I used to stay up late watching movies on tv with my parents late at night. A vampire movie I watched years ago but only remember bits of it. I think it was a 70 or 80's film, maybe usa and it was in color.

Theres are scenes I remember the rest of the film been a long time.

A man walking near police car window down, The man takes a 6 bullet gun from the police mans car.

A priest or old man sees his room all dark and someone setting in his rocking chair a male vampire. His eyes glowed red and started mucking the priest while getting out of the chair slowly and ready to acttack the priest or old man. The vampire goes out the window because the priest or old man old a cross around his neck.

A boy 14 or 15 with a large stick in his hand seen running from his house to a creepy old house at night by his girlfriend. She goes to see what hes doing they bump into each other then grabbed by a tall guy in dark clothes.

The guy how take the gun from police car goes to this creepy out house finds the boy, the girlfriend no were to been find. They are near some stairs the tall guy with a large object in his hand about to attack and kill them. The guy with gun shoots the tall man 5 or 6 times wouldn't go down easily, fulls down the stairs and dies.

They go up to the attic break the padlock and three vampires in dark sleeping. The tall guy they killed was the vampires day time protector. They both think how to kill the vampires, they walk up eyes glowing red creeping slowly and quietly to attack. The boy turns around slams door closed drives a large nail to the door to lock them in to stop them from killing them while the guy and The boy still think what to do about the vampies.

If anyone knows this films name or a vampire film that sound alot like it or any other vampire film similar to this.

Please take your time and Thank you for reading this post for helping me.
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