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Sounds good to me

A lot of the time I find myself correcting people's understanding of what I mean when I say I am an atheist. It's probably better to classify myself as an agnostic atheist (which most are). In other words, I can't say for sure that there is no god, but I don't believe there is one and live my life on that basis.

Since realising that I was an atheist, I applied the same reasoning that brought me to that conclusion to other claims of the supernatural and paranormal. From one angle, the only supporting evidence appears to be poor quality or anecdotal at best. From another angle, it does appear that the human mind is very susceptable to being fooled, often by itself.

Reading the terrible arguments put forward by young earth creationists on other forums, it is a real eye opener to how powerful self deception and indoctrination can be. I can't be anything other than sceptical after seeing the lengths that people will go to in order to maintain their preconceptions.

I completely acknowledge that I tend to automatically disbelieve claims of a particular type when they are made now. When you've heard the same logical fallacies and seen the same links to questionable evidence time and time again, you get to the point where it will take something pretty special as far as argument or evidence is concerned to really get my attention. Maybe that's being closed-minded, but it really is the job of the person making the claim to ensure that it stands up to reasonable scrutiny.
No, I don't think it's being closed minded. I always respect the opinions of people who have thought things through, whichever conclusion they have come to.

I think you can change your mind throughout life. I've never been an atheist - at best an agnostic tending towards belief (or as you would put it being swayed by wanting to believe!)
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