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I remember when his brother died people speculated whether he would sink as low as to try to cash in on it. And it seems he has. I completely appreciate that people grieve in different ways but promoting your new show in a way that turns your grief into a sob story so the viewer can see brave Pete struggling on through his pain, that's left a really bad taste in my mouth.
Well he capitalised on his brother's pain, or more to the point Peter Andre's pain in his last series. Weren't the later shows edited so his brother didn't appear so much. I don't watch his shows, only going what was said on here and in the media as there was a bit of a backlash at the time.

Yes, people grieve differently, and no one expects his brother to be erased from his shows as some have suggested. Perhaps it's just the way he portrays himself and his grieving, and the way it's promoted as a highlight on his show....just shows to me such crassness.
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