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Of course it's always a 'pal' or a 'friend' or even the famous 'source'. Yeah these people have proven very handy to PA in the past and present.

But do you actually believe that PA or his management, who work for him, had no knowledge that this was being put out in retaliation to KP's marriage.

We are talking here about Peter Andre and management who control his image, his whole life. That also includes making sure his mic is stitched off between takes.

So to allude that he can't control or be held responsible what is being published about his opinions or feelings or misinformation is rather naive IMO.
I have no idea. Do you?

Unless you know everything about him, or are one of his management team it's the quotes of a 'friend' or 'source' every time isn't it? As to his management knowing I've no idea either - it's all speculative.
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