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Just read the synop. The usual self-indulgent drivel by the look of it. Let me whizz though the series for you so you can free up your lives:

Pete loves his kids. But more than you love yours. He is the only joint-custody single dad in the world and that deserve special focus and praise. Watch him set up funny things for them to say for the film crew. Ahhhh! He's such a good dad.

A trip to some organised fun with the kids and film crew that involves heights. Pete's too afraid to go on non-descript height fun. He feels like he's failed as a father.

Random issue with ex wife that involves him and Claire looking at each other sternly over some fruit they don't eat in Dubai.

Some crying and walking away form camera due to some overshared moment or other to the sound track of Snow Patrol.

Unrealistic talk of imagined future musical success.

All this while the narrator tells you what's going on and how Pete is feeling as if you are an android or four.

Now run, run and be free!
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