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I know it seems incomprehensible.But if you take note, you will see most of these threads are started by K.P fans. Axe to grind perchance.

The link is a blurb for the show, doubtful PA wrote it.But every word he says or headline for his show is leaped upon like a rat on a corpse for bashing material.A negative perspective is the norm, when it comes to PA.But opinions are not facts and noone knows what his suffering is or how he feels but him.

He is cheesy and does stuff in bad taste but is hardly the devil incarnate.
I fully intend from now on to ignore every post which questions my dislike of the Abomination that is Andre.
I loathe the clown with a passion.

I also detest science fiction but I would never dream of questioning those who like it and try to belittle the opposite view to my own.
Its rude and repetitive to fail to umderstand that the Abomination that is Andre isn't universally liked.

No he sure isn't the devil incarnate but I don't recall anyone ever saying that he was.
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