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....and again the point that if he ignored it, I'm certain you'd say he was cold and unfeeling.

It seems there's absolutely no pleasing people who dislike him.
You could say that about anyone who posts negatively about any zeleb in showbizland.

There are no zelebs that I defend for being media whores. I don't like any of them. Talentless wanabees selling their own and their families lives just so they can tell us about whatever little nugget of "truth" that week.

However, at some point I have defended all of them for something, or dismissed an accusation against them, or waited to see if we were getting a different truth.

Most of us are not mindless attack dogs. Most of us are able to separate the truth, the attack worthy, the mock-material and the stuff that just stinks of misinformation - both pro and con.
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