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Good grief, I've never read such hysteria over some (largely misquoted) statements.

William Roache is not excusing paedophiles, he is saying that the abuse of children is not the same as celebs having sex with underage, sexually precocious teenagers. If all the pop stars who had had sex with a star struck 15-year-old were prosecuted, the jails would be full of aging rockers! He is also not saying that it is right for celebs to have sex with underage groupies, he's just saying it's a different scenario.

His beliefs are not because he has lost his wife or has turned 80 (how patronising!). He believes in reincarnation and karma and millions of people share those beliefs.

I've quoted the above because, Black Velvet, you are reading a thread dominated by a group of militant atheists. They always turn up in these discussions. I'm not saying they are wrong - what I am saying is, that like the rest of us, they don't know for certain what happens before or after we die.

I've read widely on reincarnation and it makes a lot of sense and, no, I haven't lost my marbles any more than Bill Roache has. I just like to keep an open mind on these things.

However, he should be more careful what he says in public. It will only get misquoted, then jumped on by people who just take what he has said at face value and then jump all over him.
It's all very well to say all that, but if you say that child abuse is punishment for sins committed in a previous life (and that is very clearly what Bill said; there was no room for doubt), then you are telling child abuse victims that it's their own fault - something many, if not most, are already prone to irrationally feel. Regardless of any arguments about reincarnation, I stand by what I've said; I find that loathesome.
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