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But a lot of people genuinely are bisexual. anyone who says it doesn't exist is a huge hypocrite. You can't complain about being discriminated against because you are gay and then scoff at bisexuality. I am a bisexual girl and a few lesbians have been pretty rude about it. Most of them don't care, but a few of them get uptight about it.

The LGBT community has some sad in fighting sometimes, lesbians and gay men criticising each other etc. Doesn't really help things move forward.
I should've put it into 'celebrity' context. Apologies! Im sure there are genuine bisexuals out there. Its just that the celeb ones never appear to live up to the ideal!

In an ideal world, our sexualities would/(should?)be more fluid. But due to our surroundings/upbringings we evolve into a male westernised ideal to keep us controlled by the banking systems. Phew, hopefully got myself out of that one!
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