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I was just thinking about a network cable, too. I did a quick Google and Internet-connected TV seems to have had something of a mixed reception.

I started discussing it with my friend and it turns out that her router is right across the other side of the room, so direct cabling sounds a bit impractical. Unless - is there such a thing as a wireless receiver that could sit with the Sky and DVD boxes, and that be connected to the TV, acting like a kind of repeater?
Not a problem. Stick a network cable in and as and when necessary either use a pair of Homeplug/Powerline adapters or a WiFi adapter.

Homeplugs/Powerline adapters plug into the mains and use the mains wiring to communicate between each other. Or you can get simple WiFi adapters that plug on to the end of the cable to give wireless access to the router.
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