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That doesn't make you redundant, your reviewage is loved by many
Is Lexi trying to get out of reviewerage? Not a chance lady bwhahaha.

"suffering"? .. just in time for Easter.
All this suffering and caring for the lil children..I see your point. Michael Jackson's Jesus complex springs to mind. Not that Andre has it,he's just copying Michael Jackson

Really thought he was being respectful to the memory of his brother by keeping a low media profile on the subject, when infact, he was just keeping it all quiet and together to flog his new show with what a piece of ..........
Ive never ever seen any zeleb sell/use the tragedy of losing a family member like this before on an entertainment show, it really is off the scale of disgust that any loving brother or family would allow the memory of one of their own to be used in this way
We are all entitled to our own morality I guess. But the undignified way he's capitalised on his brothers illness than death is actually a little inhuman, IMO. But then that's his job I guess.

A very sensible argument scone, and one I've brought up ^.

But as it's Peter Andre he can't do anything right. If he wears his feelings on the outside, he's wrong. If he keeps them to himself, he's wrong. There's really no pleasing some people as far as PA goes.

That's never happened, though - he overshares everything for money! I have yet to meet a person who thinks PA keeps anything to himself...other than the glammamoduls over the back garden fence of course.
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