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Betty Britain
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Downs Syndrome and Spina Bifada are completely different to what young Harvey has.

Downs syndrome is 100% a genetic issue and they don't know what causes spina bifida.

The condition Harvey has COULD be genetic or MAY be caused by prenatal drink/ drugs issues due to the studies carried out. The doctors may never know. Did you read the article?

So it could be genetic or not.

Am I pointing fingers? No I am not, I just like correct facts to be noted.

As I've stated before. I worry about her horseriding when she has lost babies before. I worry about what her kids might find out about her when they grow up. I worry she doesn't set a good role model for young girls.

I don't give a flying squirrel what she does to herself, provided it doesn't hurt the people she is meant to protect and love (i.e. her kiddies and kiddies to be)
I'm not being funny..but why do you worry about Katie Price and her family so much??im told I'm a massive vpcan..yet I don't worry about her like you do
Oh and by the way... I do know Spina biffada and downs are not what Harvey has .. I was making a point....
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