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Why would anyone have cameras following them about during their most private times of grief if he had made a tasteful tribute to his brother, all about his brother then fine, but judging from the write up to his show its all about him and his suffering dragged out and used every where to keep the focus on him, he is nothing more than an emotion parasite who feeds off the sympathy of others to keep himself going
Not anyone - just the Abominable one.
It does appear that, as usual,the emphasis is on PA and the fact that HE has been affected so much more profoundly than anyone else.
I don't think that anyone actually expected him to just gloss over his brother's death (and nor should he), but surely one stand-alone segment about his brother would be more appropriate than cynically sandwiching PA's moments of grief into a series about sportscar shopping,theme-park plugging,envelope-opening attendances and (lest we forget) endless reminders that he is the bestest-daddy-in-the-whole-world-provided-that-your-idea-of-being-a-good-parent-is-to-shamelessly-sell-every-single moment-of-your-children's-lives-and-then-claim-that-it's-just-so-they-have-a-record-of-it-when-they-are-older.
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