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I just wondered if we could perhaps broaden the theme of this thread and go back in time.

When KP and PA split up, I really felt sorry for Peteybabes and bought into all the crying on cue and was so sad to see him sobbing in his mother's arms.

At that point I doubt if Peteybabes could have done anything wrong and our hearts would have universally melted the moment he gazed sadly to camera.
Poor wee Peteybabes had been eaten up and spat out by the wicked woman from the west called Katie.

Then...............well it all fell apart for me after that.

I've always thought that KP was the mistress of self publicity and for that I must give her credit. As long as she was in the press and being discussed, I don't think KP ever cared whether anyone liked her or not. PA had lessons from the best in the business about being noticed and for a while he did very well.

For whatever reason being noticed wasn't enough for him and under Claire Powell's careful tutelage he decided that he would be noticed because he was a 'good guy'.

That was the turning point for me.

When did the rot set in for you?
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