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Blimey DD, you are a far kinder and more generous person than I could ever hope to be.
At the VERY beginning - when they met in the jungle and the first series of K and P, I have to admit that I warmed somewhat towards BOTH of them.
She APPEARED to have slightly more to her than the footballer-shagging silicon-enhanced bimbo she was made out to be.
And he SEEMED to be slightly less slimy and revolting than he looked on the Mysterious Girl video (which was the sum total of my exposure to PA up until then).
I actually believed for quite a while that they were in love (with each other) and happy together.(Wasn't I a sucker?)
I think that the change in my opinion came about before they split up.
I kept noticing how much he enjoyed belittling her for her lack of intelligence (not that she didn't do the same to him) and I seem to remember him criticising her career(something about how "taking your top off isn't a job") whilst being more than happy to share in the proceeds of it.
I do think that the KP bad/PA whiter-than-white seeds were being sown long before the marriage ended, with his full knowledge,if not his active collusion and that he actually viewed the idea of being seen as the nice guy who became the innocent victim of the evil KP as a good career move.
But whatever,I can't help it,he just makes me
That isn't true AS.
The word is gullible but I've seen the error of my ways now.
Wish others would take the blinkers off too and enjoy ridiculing the Abomination that is Andre.

Its great fun laughing at the indefensible and laughing at the gullible and bewildered.
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