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And that is what I've answered .. IT'S GENETIC .. is that clear enough ...Obviously for some that answer won't be accepted because then the finger of blame can't be pointed at Katie.. In my family we have members with Downs and Spina biffada .. Should I point the finger at my mother cos it might of been something she did when pregnant??
No-one has any interest in your family. That's your own business & I would advise you in the kindest possible way to be very careful putting personal issues out there publicly in defense of a woman who would step over you in the street to get to a nail appointment.
We are discussing KP and that article clearly says-----
It is likely that although other genetic abnormalities are likely to be identified in the future, environmental factors such as drugs, alcohol and anterior cerebral artery supply during the neonatal period may also play a significant role in the aetiology of SOD.

You repeatedly saying it doesn't apply to KP makes no difference.It DOES apply. It is there in black & white in a published article on the condition by people with no axe to grind or anything to hide/excuse.
If you continue to choose to believe KP then that is entirely up to you,but the fact remains that alcohol/drug consumption during pregnancy is considered a possible contributor to that condition.
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