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Just criticising players isn't much use unless we can suggest better ones and moaning incessantly about the national team being terrible isn't going to make it any better. Instead of wallowing in misery, there are actually some small things we could change that would make a big difference. Playing a genuine defensive midfielder would be a start. We put out a side tonight in which the midfield didn't have a single player who could tackle or defend properly. In the modern game that's just as idiotic as Levein's decision to play without a striker in Prague.

We have poor players, but a far bigger problem in my opinion is what happens off the park. Any manager who dares to play a balanced team is pilloried for being negative, so we end up with completely disjointed setups like the one we had tonight. If we're as bad as the results suggest then we should be putting ten men behind the ball and playing on the counter-attack. We certainly shouldn't be playing a load of attacking midfielders and trying to hammer the opposition. Greece circa 2004 is the model we should be trying to emulate, not Brazil 1970.
I can't really agree with that - irrespective of our formation we should be putting out a team that is capable of outplaying Wales at home. Whether we get the end result is another kettle of fish entirely.

They have outplayed us for the last 2 outings and they are a team who will probably get destroyed from Belgium, Croatia and Serbia (again).

The fact that the only points they have in this group is against us should tell you where we are right now though ...
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